Madagascar, land of the lemur, is an enchanting place. Having evolved in isolation as the world's oldest island, it is twice the size of Britain and home to unique people and nature.

This exhibition was the result of a 2 month journey by Matthieu of his travels through Madagascar. The series of paintings are a celebration of the country, it's unique wildlife, and the vital work of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The paintings displayed, were sketched 'as they happen' and later reproduced as large paintings on handmade paper. Each picture is a representation of life in Madagascar ~ some of which is unique amongst the world, but in danger of being lost forever.

Durrell have been pioneering conservation work in Madagascar for over 25 years, working with local communities and successfully protecting the unique but endangered nature and habitat.

The exhibition helped to raise awareness of Madagascar, and of the important work of Durrell, whilst also raising some much needed funds for the Durrell projects in Madagascar.

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