Sifakas are one of the larger groups of lemurs and their name comes from their characteristic alarm call, which sounds like "shi fak"

These lemurs live in large social groups and females are dominant. They have thick silky fur, often light in colour, and tend to spend most of the time in trees eating leaves.

Sifakas are most comfortable staying in trees and rarely come to ground, often dangling off branches to reach fruit or leaves that may have fallen. However, as their favourite tress can be quite dispersed, they will come to the ground and it is here that we see their most characteristic behaviour. Often described as 'dancing', sifakas will bound sideways standing upright on their hind-legs with their heads and arms held high. Seeing a group of Sifakas crossing an open path in the forest like this, is one of the great sites of Madagascan wildlife.


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