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Gorey, On The Beach, is currently on display at the Framing Workshop, Don Street, Jersey. The painting, which was originally part of the popular 'I went to Gorey For An Ice Cream' exhibition, is featured along with a small collection of Matt's work.

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Lilo Time, a 2 metre oil on canvas painting, and St Brelade's Bay Paddle, (gouache on board) are both examples of Matt's modern 'Deco' style, which currently feature in the magnificent exhibition space at CCA Galleries International.

Lilo Time (detail)


Matt's recent painting, Flat Block, oil on panel, featured in the recent 250th Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy.

The painting sold on the 1st day of opening and was part of the exciting exhibition Co-ordinated by artist Grason Perry. The show drew together works by Internationally renowned artists and exciting new talent.


Matt's commissioned work featured in the exhibition 'Art'chaeology'. A group show featuring the work of 2 Jersey and 2 French artists held at CCA Galleries International. The project was held in association with the Jersey and Normandy Arts Trusts... more info


'Mammoth Search' (gouache on handmade paper 126cm x 92cm) featured in an archaeological talk at The British Museum in London. The lecture by Martin R Bates, partly focused on the Neanderthal site at La Cotte de St. Brelade, which influenced this painting.

The project was supported by the Jersey Arts Trust.

In recent years, Matt's animal paintings have been exhibited in London along with various contemporary artists from around the world. The depiction of animals is an ongoing passion for Matt, who previously exhibited his Madagascar paintings in association with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. The exhibitions have been curated by the Animal Art Fair's Jamie Polk.


The graphic style of Matt's work was chosen to exhibit at the 'Fete Du Graphisme' event in Paris. The international group exhibition is dedicated to graphic art, featuring the work of artists from 80 different countries.


Matt's 1.3 metre graphic painting, 'Piccadilly Piccalilli' (gouache/acrylic on board) was featured in a group exhibition at CCA Gallery.


'Dog Walkers' (1.3m canvas painting) was shortlisted by Royal Academy of Arts. It is now held in a private collection.


'MADAGASCAR - Land of the Lemur'

The exhibition, held in association with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, featured Matt's paintings of his experience in Madagascar and it's unique wildlife, along with information about Durrell's 25 years of pioneering conservation work in the country.

A selection of Madagascar animal prints are available to see on the Prints page.


Matt's work is heavily influenced by print. His hand-printed screenprint 'On The Way Home' was featured in 'Imprint' an exhibition of fine art printmaking featuring the work of 25 artists.


'Gorey' (vinyl on glass), was donated to Overdale Hospital and is displayed in the entrance foyer as part of the Arts in Healthcare Trust.




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